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MCRH Group at the forefront of transforming the global landscape supports companies across the world are transforming consumable and premium brand product, live concert and artworks with strategical approach in daily efforts, helping customer get back to the things they love.

Our mission is to help companies grow their business in individual market by striving to secure wide access to diverse segments and by enabling better outcomes for end user. 




We have been diligently focusing on three core businesses at MCRH Group: Strategic Distribution, E-commerce & Marketing, and Entertainment. Each of these sectors uniquely interlocks with the others to create a synergistic effect, reinforcing a systematic relationship that elevates our overall business model. This strategic harmony has been pivotal in cementing our status as a key player in the distribution field within the Republic of Korea.

Entertainment is a testament to our innovative spirit and commitment to diversifying our business. With our ability to marketing for strategic distribution, We delve into the vibrant world of entertainment, ranging from live events and concerts. This sector not only enhances artist presence but also allows us to connect with customers on an emotional and experiential level. By integrating entertainment into our business strategy, we create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences, fostering a deeper engagement with marketing.

비즈니스 미팅






MCRH Group has more than 7 international trading agency in 15 countries around the world and organize into several business segments comprised of premium brand product, consumable goods and art business categories.  MCRH Group meticulously organizes its business activities into distinct, yet interconnected segments, catering to a variety of markets. These segments encompass an array of premium brand products, offering top-tier quality and exclusivity. Additionally, the company adeptly handles a wide range of consumable goods, ensuring accessibility and convenience for everyday needs. Furthermore, MCRH Group distinguishes itself in the art business sector, showcasing a deep commitment to culture and creativity. This multifaceted approach not only underscores MCRH Group's versatility but also its dedication to delivering excellence and innovation in every aspect of its international trade and commerce endeavors.


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